The list of publications related to this COST Action has been updated. - 28 May 16

The subspace codes database is online thanks to the Bayreuth team. - 09 Mar 16

Final Conference of the COST Action on Network Coding and Designs, April 2016, Dubrovnik - 23 Aug 15

Conference DARNEC on the Design and Application of Random Network Codes, Istanbul - 23 Jun 15

WG1 & WG4 Meeting at the Workshop on Coding and Systems, Salamanca - 19 Apr 15

WG2 & WG5 Meeting on Practical Network Coding and Distributed Storage, Novi Sad - 29 Mar 15

Upcoming Special Issue on Network Coding in the EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing. - 19 Jan 15

ANTA-Workshop at Aalto University, Finland. - 09 Jan 15

Conference ALCOMA15 on algebraic combinatorics and applications. - 10 Dec 14

4th International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications. - 14 June 14

Announcement of a WG2 & WG5 joint symposium in Barcelona. - 12 Jan 14

2014 events associated with this COST Action: IEEE European School of Information Theory. Conference on Algebra, Codes and Networks. - 5 Jan 14

Aalborg University hosted a PhD Course on Network Coding, Dec 2-6. - 14 Nov 13

COST Conference on Random Network Codes and Designs over GF(q) in Ghent. - 7 July 13

Core-group meeting and interdisciplinary Working Groups meeting in Zurich. - 29 May 13

The First European Training School on Network Coding takes place on 4-8 Feb 2013 in Barcelona. - 12 Nov 12

This COST Action website is online! - 7 Aug 12

Secure and Reliable Networks for General Communications

This COST Action on Random Network Coding and Designs over GF(q) serves to foster an international European collaboration on this emerging field in Communications Technology. It brings together experts from pure and applied mathematics, computer science, and electrical engineering.

Official information from the COST Office:


Marcus Greferath
School of Mathematical Sciences
University College Dublin
Dublin 4, Ireland
Tel. +353 1 7162588

Vice Chair

Mario Osvin Pavčević
Department of Applied Mathematics
Fac. Electrical Eng. and Computing
University of Zagreb
Unska 3, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. +385 1 6129934

Research Administrator

Na Li
School of Mathematical Sciences
G. 20 Science North
University College Dublin
Dublin 4, Ireland

Science Officer

Ralph Stübner
COST Office
Avenue Louise 149
1050 Brussels